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I live in a wonderfully remote part of the Quantock Hills which provide endless inspiration.

In the past I've described myself as a landscape painter. Though still inspired by the landscape, I have moved in many different directions, painting to my mood and enthusiasms and not confining myself to a single style or subject matter - as you may see when you look at my paintings!

Light, shadow and colour are my main driving forces. Now, surprisingly it seems that it is these elements that are most important in my painting, rather than the subject matter itself.



Having trained as a teacher and being a self-taught painter, it was a natural transition to teach what I'd learnt myself.

Watercolour is a difficult and underrated medium and, for many painters looking to improve their skills, can be a cause of huge frustration. 

I teach traditional watercolour techniques, advising on suitable materials, pigment selection, mixing, applying washes and all the necessary basic skills: helping my students overcome the difficulties of the medium to produce their own work in their own style.


I teach at venues across Devon and Somerset, including the glorious Dillington House near Ilminster.

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